My Feel Good Journal – Day 10


I had a whole bunch of fear/self-doubt creeping in today. Typical… “Who am I to be doing this?” (, Maybe I should just go back and do a “safe” job where I can hide, blend in and keep my thoughts confined to my personal journal.

But I KNOW I’ll be unhappy and unfulfilled turning back. In the past I’ve had the opportunity to help others and it was the BEST feeling in the world – I WANT help people and feel that again! But that’s not going to happen unless I forge forward and put myself out there!

I’m going to keep posting, keep sharing and reach out to as many people as possible that I can help with the “4-G’s” and my story.

“I’d rather feel fear and move forward anyway than be frozen still by it.” ~ Beth Sawickie [Click HERE to TWEET This]

Here are my 4-G’s for Day 10:

What are “The 4-G’s of Feeling Good”? – find out HERE.

Goin’: Walked with Soc earlier for around 40 minutes.  And a quick 10 minute walk at sunset.

Greens:  Another purple smoothie.

Broccoli (frozen), blackberries (frozen), almond milk, goji berries, chia seeds, flax seed, maca powder and plant-based protein powder.

I still hadn’t gone out to the store this morning so I used what I had available for greens and that was frozen brocolli.  I’m curious to know the nutrient difference between fresh and frozen broccoli – that’s something I’ll look up in the near future.

I also had a bunch of broccoli with dinner and cucumbers along with other veggies.

Givin’:  I donated $1 at the grocery store to help fight childhood cancer.

To myself: I allowed myself to break down and have a “I’m not good enough” moment – but I didn’t let it persist all day – I want and did something that made me feel good – I went for a walk 🙂


I am grateful for seeing snow on the ground one last time this spring.

I am grateful for getting to spend the morning with Doug.

I am grateful for watching my 7+ year old dog prance around like a puppy.

Making “Feeling Good” choices like these all started with doing the “4-G’s”! I’d love it if you joined me in doing the “4-G’s” – grab your free copy of my book that explains it all “Get Back on the Feel Good Train: 4 Simple Strategies for Getting You Back on Track” HERE. and there’s a printable journal sheet too!

I’d love to hear your 4-G’s…. share ’em below…



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