Which movies freak you out? www.bethsawickie.com/movies-that-freak-me-out

Movies That Freak Me Out!

Which movies freak you out? www.bethsawickie.com/movies-that-freak-me-out

While driving on a dirt road after sunset this evening a Tom Petty song came on the radio – yeah!  I like Tom Petty and all his little Heart Breakers 🙂

The song?  It was “American Girl”.  Great song.  BUT – it reminds me of the girl in Silence of the Lambs driving down the road before she is abducted and ends up in a well/ditch from the crazy guy that says “it puts the lotion in the basket” and plans to use her skin to make a human skin suit.

Then I got to thinkin’ about other movies that have left a lasting (paranoid) impression on me – here are some:

Friday the 13th made me paranoid while camping and canoeing.  Luckily that has faded with time!

Psycho had me wanting to shower with the shower curtain open and water pooling on the floor.  Doors locked!

Jaws – I don’t even think I ever saw the whole movie – but, to this day, I’m freaked out by the possibility of sharks in the water (even in swimming pools – yes – I’m a dork!).

Your turn…  What movies freak you out?  Share ’em in the comments below.



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