Mother's Day Mandala 1 by Beth Sawickie

The Inspiration Behind “Mother’s Day Mandala 1”

This Mandala was created from an original photo of a Dogwood Tree Flower.

The Dogwood flowers are beautiful with light shining through their petals.  They are both delicate and strong at the same time – like our Mothers.

To all the Mom’s in any capacity (Adoptive Moms, Step-Moms, those with “Fur Kids”, Caretakers of any sort)…

Happy Mother’s Day!

I really believe that being a Mom is the “toughest job you’ll ever love” (borrowed that slogan from the Peace Corps).

Please remember to take care of yourself first – the world needs you happy, healthy and whole … not grumpy, worn down and burnt-out!

On this day and ALL days, treat yourself just as well as you do your loved ones!

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The Creation of “Spring Energy Mandala 2”

Dogwood in May original photo by Beth SawickieIt was early in May and I was visiting Whitesbog Village in Browns Mills, NJ.  There’s a lovely dirt road that goes by the once home of Elizabeth White – a strong woman who cultivated the first blueberries years ago.

I loved how the sunlight lit up this flower.

Delicate while glowing in the sun, while also quite strong – the petals are rather beefy.

Dogwood Glowing in the Sunlight by Beth Sawickie wanted to bring out the energy I felt when viewing this strong yet delicate flower in the sunlight.

Using Photoshop, Topaz Labs and Fractalius – I helped the image to express it’s energy.

I call this one “Dogwood Glowing in the Sunlight“.

NexDogwood Fractal Mandala by Beth Sawickiet I played with the image – taking pieces of it and flipping ’em, rotating and creating various Mandalas.
This is the one that I liked the best.

Mothers Day Mandala 1 Progress by Beth SawickieBut it was not finished yet!

I liked the center part that is surrounded in green so decided to remove the outside part of the mandala.

And, of course, I had a bit more tweaking to do with bringing out the energy of it and showing the vibrant colors.

Mother's Day Mandala 1 by Beth SawickieThen I added the Mother’s Day text and voila!

A beautiful Mandala for Mom 🙂

You can purchase prints and gifts of “Mother’s Day Mandala 1” HERE.

About Mandalas

Mandalas are found in various cultures around the world.  People often use them as a focus during meditation.

I started creating them some time ago because I was just drawn to them – the colors, the energy.

They are a way for me to share the beautiful energy I feel when viewing nature.

You can see all of my Mandalas HERE.

Why do you admire YOUR Mother?

I want to know!

Share with me in the comments below.

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