Moonlit Yellow Flower

"Moonlit Yellow Flower" by Beth Sawickie

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Little tiny yellow flower glowing in the moonlight.

The actual botanical name of this flower is eluding me right now…but that does not take away from the beauty of it.  It is this tiny flower – no larger than a quarter.  And it seems to have little tiny flowers within it.  A pretty darn nifty little yellow flower 🙂

What can I learn from this “Moonlit Yellow Flower”?

This is another example of how easily something fabulous can be overlooked.  At just a glance, from a distance, this would look like just some run-of-the-mill little yellow flower.  Maybe my brain would even automatically dismiss it as just another dandelion (although I think those are pretty too!).  But if I take a few seconds to look closer I’ll see that it is not shaped like a dandelion.  A few seconds more to get closer and – wow – it is a little masterpiece of yellow/orange petals. See my “Magnificent Shell Vortex” image for another example of overlooking something fabulous.

You can see the original image I started with on my Yellow Flower Mandala post.



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