Meditating – But First I Have to Pee!

Image by Beth Sawickie - www.BethSawickie.comOne of my goals for staying in balance is to do meditation daily – preferably in the morning before just about anything else – well, except for using the bathroom – I always have to pee first thing in the morning 😉 It turns out that could kinda also be incorporated into the meditation – what !?!  Read on to find out what in the world I mean…

I have been doing rather well with it.  I participated in the “21 Day Meditation Experience” from Deepak and Oprah.  I did NOT complete all of the days but I was very pleased that I made it to the majority of them.  What I liked about those meditations is that there was a brief reading beforehand that explained the focus of the meditation.  Then they had a short audio intro to the topic from Oprah.  After that, Deepak joined in to lead the meditation.  He would talk for a short while and then play calming music for around 15 minutes or so.   They usually gave a suggestion for bringing the focus of the meditation into the day.  There was also a written blurb about this too.

Then – here is the part that really effected me the most – the journal. Each day they had a few questions pertaining to the topic.  I really got a lot out of doing the journaling – in fact it is a HUGE reason why I am writing this blog post today.  Up until this week, I hadn’t  shared any of this online except brief mentions when I’ve posted  a few mandalas I’ve created.

The “Meditation Challenge” ended so I went on a hunt for a different meditation and I found I had a copy of Louise Haye’s “Morning and Evening Meditations” that I had bought some time ago. I’ve never listened to it before so I figured why not – I did the Morning Meditation.   This one is Louise speaking calmly while mellow music plays in the background. Honestly – parts of it were a bit hokey (think Stuart Smally on SNL) – but  they still were good.  A big focus of it is being thankful and showing gratitude.  Louise had me thanking the bed for a good nights rest (ok – that one I get), then thanking a favorite piece of furniture, thanking the refrigerator for keeping my food fresh and then – thanking the bathroom and all the plumbing for quickly removing waste from my home.  She helped me to stand back, relax, slow down and observe what is around me – the things that I take for granted.  Seriously – the only time I give a thought about the waste disappearing from the toilet is when it backs up!  Modern plumbing really is a miracle and definitely something to be grateful for.  We are surrounded by so many of these forgotten miracles – we really do have TONS to be grateful for if we’d just slow down, take a step back, breathe and be aware.

After showing gratitude for these overlooked miracles, Louise shifted the meditation and said this:

“I am an open channel for divine ideas to flow through me and the creativity of the universe now expresses through me.  That which I need to know is revealed to me and whatever I need comes to me.  I am divinely protected and guided and my way is made smooth and easy.” – Louise Hay

The above quote is exactly what I want at this moment in time and have been experiencing glimpses of more and more often.  I am finding that when I just be myself, then things just flow – they flow through me and from me.  I guess I’d describe it as tuning in to a really cool radio station that is playing a favorite song – ya know – one of those that just has you singing at the top of your lungs in the car.  Rocking out, using your steering wheel as a drum with the invisible cymbal perched on the dash board.  When I find that awesome song on the radio things just “flow” – the music makes me feel happy – I sing joyously, loudly and out of tune.  The vibration of the song positively effects how I feel.  At that point I don’t care who is seeing me doing my own private version of karaoke in my car – I am happy, I am enjoying myself and THAT is all that matters 🙂

That is what I feel like when I am ‘tuned in’ to who I truly am and expressing myself fully.  I’m in tune with the Universe, listening to it’s song and it is flowing through me.  All is well 🙂

Well, that’s all for now.  I’ve consumed enough water while typing this that I now need to visit the bathroom again…and I’ll be sure to be thankful for the modern miracle of the flush toilet 🙂

So, how about you – do you meditate?  Any particular kind that you like the best?



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