March Sunset at Whitesbog Village, NJ

Image by Beth Sawickie "March Sunset at Whitesbog Village, NJ"

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After a long wait, I was rewarded with this beautiful sunset reflected in the flooded cranberry bogs.  I often take the less than 5 minute drive over to Whitesbog Village to walk around, enjoy nature and… see the sunsets!  Occasionally I make it up for a sunrise too – not that often though…lol.

Daylight savings time just occurred this past weekend and it messed me all up – and my “Weather Bug” App too.  I used the app to check on what time sunset was tonight – 6:00pm it said.  Great!  I wanted to make sure I was at Whitesbog in time to catch a bit of the golden glow before sunset and the sunset itself.  Duh, duh, dun….apparently the App doesn’t adjust for daylight savings time!  The sunset wouldn’t be until 7pm.

So, I got to drive around the bogs, enjoy reflections in the water, and watch red winged black birds flutter around.  Soc (the dog) accompanied me and we walked around a few of the bogs until it was time to head to our sunset spot….and what a beautiful view it was!

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