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Seek Bliss Out - Beth Sawickie

It was late Saturday afternoon and I was BEAT!

I was up early and made it to a 9am yoga class – a major accomplishment for me.  When I realized I was up and functioning and had time to make it there – almost instantly all the negativity/doubt started swirling in my brain. All the reasons why I wouldn’t make it there on time or shouldn’t go popped into my head.  And I was tempted to believe them like I used to do.

I won’t make it – I’m going to rush around and be late.  The dog still has to go out before I leave – that’ll make me late. I haven’t put away laundry so I’m not sure where my clean yoga clothes are.  Oh heck – I’m not even out of bed and there’s all these things stacked against me – I “could” roll over and go back to sleep for a bit… then wake up AFTER yoga class and be pissed at myself.

Then I said to myself – Hey! Wait a minute!  Are all of these negative things absolutely true?  Um… no, they’re not.

So then I made a game out of it and stomped those suckers out!  Swooshing each negative thought off my mental touch screen like silly app pop-ups!

Then I asked myself – What did I need to do so I could leave ASAP?
Let dog out, get dressed, grab water and GO!
So I did, and I got there with enough time to breathe for a few minutes in the car… let my energy mellow out.
Then I headed in… to what was an absolutely fabulous yoga class!


Next I went and got my eyebrows done.

I didn’t realize just how out of control they were until she brought out the scissors – yep – the SCISSORS!  And she trimmed away like she was giving me a regular ol’ hair cut!  YIKES!

I looked in the mirror after all the pluckin’ and trimmin’ – Another moment of Bliss 🙂

I went home feeling fabulous and ready to dive in to my work for the day.

Work for the day included watching/reading lots of training about how to best communicate my message to others.

And writing – lots! I have a course in the works about moving from Blah to Bliss.  (it’s based on my “Get Back on the Feel Good Train” book which you can get free HERE.)

When I’m in the zone, things just flow – and boy, did they!

Fast forward to later in the day.  My “friend” had come to visit (that time of the month).  For me that usually means feeling exhausted for a day or two.  Just wanting to crawl up on the couch and binge-watch TV shows while I eat anything “bad” in the house (chips, ice cream…etc.).

I had kicked butt with work earlier – exceeded my planned to-do’s 🙂

I was feeling crappy – cramps 🙁  I popped some Aleve, scooped some Ben & Jerry’s out of the pint – I scooped it so I wouldn’t sit there and eat the WHOLE thing at one time.  And, btw, it was the new flavor – “The Tonight Dough”!

And I turned on “How To Get Away With Murder” which I’m behind on.

I got through about 20 minutes (and the scooped ice cream)  and I peak outside – WHOA!  – totally nifty clouds out there!

One of the things that makes me happy is Sunsets – Live Paintings in the Sky I call ’em.  I love watching them and photographing them.

So then, much like yoga this morning, I had the tug-o-war with myself over whether or not I was going to choose to do something that would boost my bliss or stay on the couch with Ben and Jerry.

It was a tough one…but… the TV and ice cream would still be there.  This OOAK (one of a kind) sunset would not.

Besides, I KNEW that being outside and watching the sunset would bring a big smile to my face.

Heck, a stunning sunset is enough for me to forget I have cramps for a while 🙂

So, I decided to Choose Bliss (again!).

Here is a little video I recorded for you that shows the sunset…

Bliss Booster Action Steps

  • Step back, breath and ask yourself if you feel happy with what you are doing/thinking?
  • If not, what can you do – right now – to move yourself towards Bliss? What can you do that would make you feel good right now? Take a moment to breathe in and out slowly, close your eyes, clear your mind and let the answer come to you.
  • Now, say buh-bye to the hum-drum and go Boost Your Bliss!

And go grab your “Blah to Bliss Toolkit” HERE.

Now over to you….

Share with me what YOU are doing to Boost Your Bliss today!

Let me know in the comments below 🙂




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