Light Your Own Fire

Light Your Own Fire First Then Share It With Others

Light Your Own Fire

If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll have little to give others.

If you don’t take care of yourself then YOUR FIRE will go out!

I’ve found that if I don’t take care of myself then…

– I’m grumpy.

– My day just doesn’t flow nicely.

– I can easily fall into negative self talk.

– I’m tired, no oompf, no spark

When I do take care of myself first my works is much better!

Life is good and I have my spark – and my fire is lit!

The key is…. figuring out what lights your fire!

This can be easier said than done – especially if life has kicked your butt and you’re feeling off-kilter.

When I am at that point, I reach for simple things to do to get me back to feeling great and lighting my flame once again 🙂

The things I do revolve around what I call the “4-G’s of Feelin’ Good” – Goin,’ Greens, Givin’ and Gratitude.

They’re simple and they have worked for me – numerous times!

Learn more about the 4-G’s and lighting your own fire with the

“From Blah to Bliss” mini-course.  (It’s FREE – for now)

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And share with me what lights YOUR fire in the comments below!

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