Life Is A Game – Let’s Start Playing

"Life Is A Game - Let's Start Playing" - www.BethSawickie.comI’m sitting in a waiting room at the doctors and watching the Price is Right. This was one of my favorite game shows growing up. I remember watching it with my Grandparents every day back when Bob Barker was the host. My favorite little game was that yodeling mountain climber one and Plinko (is that what it was called) was pretty neat too.

Back to what I’m watching now…One of the contestants was the closest to guessing the price on some widget. He gets out of “contestant row” and is over joyed, ecstatic even. Now he gets a chance to win an Xbox 360, a 3-D TV and…wait for it…a NEW CAR! All he had to do now is guess prices on other items and these will move a rat along in a race. I kid you not – a Rat Race!

Isn’t that what many of our lives are? Joining the “Rat Race” so we can get all those things…the gaming system, the electronics, a shiney new car…all those wants….get them fulfilled.

The question I have about all this is….
  • Do all these”things” really bring us happiness?
  • Or is it a temporary buzz that quickly fades?
  • Maybe they are the “icing” on the cake – or even the sprinkles!  Things that are very  nice additions, but without the cake they might not be as exciting. (Ok – I ‘ll admit I have eaten JUST icing before and it WAS yummy!)
    • Translate that into – Those are things that ADD TO an already happy life, but do not directly BRING happiness in and of themselves.  At least that is what I have been found to be true for me in my life.
Then I started thinking, if there was a game whose main goal was to be happy…what would it look like (insert the dream-sequence from Wayne’s World here)…

Here is the game I want…

A game where I realize that happiness lies within me.  The ultimate goal is to choose happiness and live a life that supports that.
The prizes would be things like…
  • Clear and calm mind.
  • Strong and flexible body.
  • Energy that is not caffeine induced.
  • Deep, restful sleep.
  • Wake up automatically feeling well rested and looking forward to the day ahead.
  • Laughing – boisterous, side-splitting laughter.
And the little games that would be played are the choices we make on a daily basis, moment to moment.
I want a clear and calm mind what choice could I make to support that?
  • meditate
  • journal to get stuff out of my head
  • talk with a friend
  • yoga
  • take a walk

I want a strong and flexible body, what choices could I make?

  • Move my body everyday – walk, stretch, yoga, exercise DVD…etc.

I want to have natural energy, what choices would support this?

  • Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.
  • Giving up caffeine.
  • Moving my body every day.

I want to sleep well and wake up easily, what choices would support this?

  •  All of the above!
  • Setting up an evening routine that helps me to wind down.

Make the supportive choices and they will lead to the prize – having a well-balanced, enjoyable and happy life!

How about you?
Does this sound like a game you would like to play?
What would be some of the “prizes” you would like to “win”?

I want to know 🙂



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