How To Receive Thanks From Others As Well As You Give It

Giving Thanks Can Be Easy -

In this podcast Beth shares inspiration to help you learn to receive thanks, gratitude and compliments from others as well as you give them to others.

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Begin Transcript:
Hi, I’m Beth from and I’d like to welcome  you to the Thriving After Life Kicks Your Butt Podcast. Where you’re inspired to take action towards feeling great, loving life and THRIVING! by being an active participant in your overall well-being – body, mind and soul.
Today I’d like to talk with you about receiving thanks, gratitude and compliments.
We can all give thanks, show gratitude and share compliments – that can be particularly easy to do.
(Note: Being grateful is part of what we go over in the “From Blah to Bliss” mini course and part of the 4-G’s of Feelin’ Good)
You can be thankful for a wonderful turkey dinner on Thanksgiving – a time here in the U.S. where we reflect on what we are thankful for.
Thankful for family and friends.
Thankful for kindness shown by a stranger.
Compliment someone on a job well done, a nice outfit, even a new haircut.
But what about RECEIVING thanks? What about that?
 Are you like I was? Where receiving thanks from someone else practically makes your stomach turn?
What the heck is that all about?
For me, there were several things…all of which revolved around self-worth.
– I didn’t like attention drawn to me.
– Deep down I guess I feltl not worthy of praise.
– I took being humble to an extreme where I ended up de-valuing myself.  A definition of humble “having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.” That’s not too far off from de-valuing yourself or having low self-worth in my book.
– I’d even feel that their gratitude was not sincere and must be a joke. (now THAT is bad!)
Can you think of why you would deflect thanks?
When you think about it – deflecting thanks just doesn’t make sense.
Especially if you say that you WANT good things in your life.
You WANT things to be grateful for.
But then when good things come your way in the form of sincere gratitude you block it.
You put your hands up, up your defenses and block that bit of goodness from truly reaching you.
I have a vision of Wonder Woman (my FAVORITE super hero) crossing her wrists with the bracelets in front of her face to deflect an attack.
You don’t allow yourself to feel the good feelings, the love that comes along with sincere thanks.
So what can you do to stop deflecting thanks and truly receive it?
Deflecting thanks is a habit – an ingrained habit – that will take some mindfulness to change.
First, remind yourself that you are worthy of receiving thanks, gratitude and compliments.  Remind yourself often – make it your new mantra!
“I am worthy of love” – because any thanks/gratitude/compliment is a form of love flowing to you. And also say “I receive thanks, gratitude and compliments with an open heart”.
Head on over to the blog post for this podcast and download the free “affirmation transformation” cards for both of those affirmations – and there’s a video with each affirmation too.
Pay attention to what you do when some thanks, gratitude or a compliment comes your way.
Watch for that knee-jerk reaction of –
“oh it was nothing”, “I didn’t do anything”, or insert your favorite deflective statement here.
It will probably flow out of your mouth before you even realize what you’re saying.
Honestly, I STILL sometimes have that knee-jerk reaction – then afterwards I’m like “duh! why the heck didn’t you accept that thanks?”
When that happens – first – don’t beat yourself up about it.  Remember to be as kind to yourself as you would to anyone else.
Acknowledge that it’s your ingrained habit at work – and remind yourself to be more mindful next time.
Second, if the giver of the thanks is still nearby – you could let them know that you appreciate their thanks/gratitude/compliment.
“Hey so-and-so, you paid me a compliment a minute ago – I appreciate it and I want to say thank you.”
That’ll put a smile on both of your faces.
The key point here is to NOT beat yourself up for falling back into an old familiar pattern of deflecting thanks.
If you need a little bit more of a push to open your heart to receiving…. let’s re-frame this deflection problem this way….
Receiving thanks with an open heart is a gift to both the receiver AND the giver.
How would you like to give thanks to someone and have it deflected back?
How about a heart-felt gift that you give someone – then they don’t even open it, they just hand it back to you and say “no thank you”.
How would that make you (as a giver) feel?
Each time you deflect someones heart-felt thanks, gratitude or compliment you are, in essence, handing their still wrapped gift back to them.
Don’t hand back gifts – open them, cherish them and give a heart felt thank you.
If nothing else… remember this…
You are worthy of love – Open your heart to receiving it in all it’s forms – including thanks, gratitude and compliments.
Don’t forget to download your “affirmation transformation” cards and videos.
And sign up for the free “From Blah to Bliss” mini-course where you’ll experience the answer to the question…. “what would happen if you treated yourself just as well as you treat everyone else?”
I’d like to thank you for listening to the Thriving After Life Kicks Your Butt Podcast.
I’m choosing to feel great, love life & THRIVE and I hope you are too!

You can also find the Thriving Podcast on SoundCloud HERE.

And subscribe to the Thriving Podcast on iTunes HERE.




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