Happiness, Peace, Bliss – It All Begins With You! REALLY!

Positive Changes - Beth Sawickie

As each day goes by my “message” – what I have to share with the world – becomes clearer.

It’s not JUST about being a depression survivor (that was part of the vehicle that got me to where I am now).

It’s not JUST about being an “active participant” in my mental, physical and spiritual health (although that is a HUGE piece of the pie).

And it’s not just about loving nature and capturing it in photos! (that is part of me that re-kindled after I moved from Blah to Bliss!).

It is larger than just doin’ the 4-G’s of Feelin’ Good for myself. (Goin’, Greens, Givin’, Gratitude). (more on that here: www.bethsawickie.com/the-4-gs-of-feeling-good/ )

It is about being part of creating positive change in the WORLD around me by making positive changes WITHIN me.


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It took me A LONG (long – what’s a longer word for long?) long time to truly internalize this. To truly “get” it.

It used to be my automatic reaction to say…. “I’d be happy if……
– he’d change.
– she’d just stop being a PITA!
– if everyone and everything else in the world would just DO what I WANTED THEM TO DO – then all would be well in my world 😉 😛

(and to be perfectly honest… I still DO fall back into this pattern! But now I recognize when I’m in it and I get myself the heck out of it – because I have the tools now! – like the ones I share in “Get Back on the Feel Good Train” – get your free copy here: www.bethsawickie.com/blah-bliss-tool-kit/)

Some wise souls advised me to look within, to work on myself.

“Why should I do that?” – I’d say, feeling totally insulted. (** more in a bit about how I got over feeling so darn insulted.)

I’m not the one with the “problem”. It’s him, her, them, the World!

But you see, in pointing fingers at everyone else I was HANDING OVER MY POWER to them.

I was in essence saying that I DID NOT have it within me to be happy.

These other people/situations are what controlled whether or not I could be happy.

I believed that all these other people were the gate-keepers to my happiness.

I made myself a victim of a non-existent enemy.

AND… I made THEM unfairly responsible for my Happiness or Misery.

Ugh… when I think about it now it makes me feel sick.

BUT…I’m thankful to have gone through that because it is in going through the crap that we understand the true lessons we are here to learn – if we open our minds, listen and reflect.

** So… how did I get over the whole “feeling insulted” thing?

Well, I can’t say I “got over it”… what I did was just kinda say F-it.

If he/she/them (whoever I felt needed to change at the time) was going to keep being the way they were – keep MAKING ME unhappy…. well, then, I was just going to ignore that and go do things for myself.

Do whatever I needed to do to help myself feel better. I wasn’t going to hang around being miserable and just wait for them to change and MAKE ME happy.

And when I did that – when I started to change the world WITHIN ME…. that is when the WORLD AROUND ME began to change.

I began generating my OWN HAPPINESS – my own Self-Bliss – from within.

This meant I was less effected by all those things/people/situations that I previously felt were holding my happiness hostage.

They could do what they would do…. it didn’t effect me as much because I wasn’t relying on them to generate happiness for me.

Some of them were positively effected by the changes I made within myself.

My light started shining brighter – and it helped to light them up too!

That same light illuminated parts of me I didn’t know existed. My spark and zest for life returned.

Does that make sense? Let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll explain it in a different way…. because I REALLY want you to at least start to get it.

What my aim is with this whole “Blah to Bliss” movement is to….

Help others over their self-imposed hurdles and help make their journey to Bliss a bit more linear – with not as many stops, u-turns and detours as I took.

Help others become generators of their OWN Happiness – their own Self-Bliss.


Please let me know what your current hurdles are with moving towards Bliss – where you’re stuck – and together we’ll clear a path.

And if you know anyone who could benefit from my message, please share this post with ’em – use the buttons below.

Sending you lots of good thoughts 🙂

Are you ready for positive changes? Let’s move the world from “Blah to Bliss” starting with ourselves.

Join my community of AWESOME people committed to having a positive impact on the world starting from within 🙂
Right HERE: www.bethsawickie.com/blah-bliss-tool-kit/



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