Green Leaf Glow Mandala (#7)

This is yet another Mandala where I am surprised and thrilled with the end result.  I love the different shades of green.  Those little white spots are where the sun was shining through when the original picture was taken.  I think the center looks like a beautiful stained glass window. All the detail that has come out of a simple picture of leaves is pretty darn cool if you ask me!

Here is the original:



One of my favorite things to do when I’m out in the woods on a sunny day is to look up at the glowing leaves.  The original picture for this mandala was actually snapped as I kayaked down the Rancocas Creek in August 2012.

Sometimes I’ll be looking up at the leaves in awe and forget that my kayak is slowly being moved by the current and – bam – all of a sudden the nose of my boat hits something – whoops!

I “think” this picture is of a Beech Tree but I am not certain.  If you know what this tree is, could you please post below?  Thanks a bunch 🙂






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