Gifts of the Seagull Mandala


This mandala was created from my original photograph of a Herring Gull soaring on the wind over Barnegat Bay in NJ.

Seagulls represent curiosity, clarity and freedom.

Curiosity can lead us to soar high and get a total overview of a situation – see things from a different perspective.  This can lead to clarity on a situation which can lead us to choices that ultimately bring us freedom.

Gifts of the Seagull Mandala by Beth Sawickie

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These Gulls are all over the place “down the shore” and beyond.  You’re sure to be sharing the beach with them just about any time of year.  And you’ll find them more inland – local ponds, lakes and parking lots!

When they are gathered in large numbers the chances that you will be – um… christened…by one of them is great.

I remember being down the shore with my parents.  My Dad reaches over and says “what’s that in your hair – looks like a string….”.  Yeah…so NOT a string….a dollop of seagull poop making it’s way down my head.  Ah….memories!

Supposedly… being pooped on by a bird is good luck.  Either that, or my parents were just trying to make me happy about being defecated on by a bird!

Do you have any “memorable” encounters with seagulls?  Please, share ’em below…

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