If you are like I was some time ago – you WANT to get back to feeling good – great –  even THRIVIING!  But you don’t know where to start.

So many things you feel you “should” be doing.  Programs to follow, regimines to stick to – or at least it seems like there are.

It can be totally overwhelming.  Enough to send you back into your hole and wallow in hopelessness.  Believe me – I know – been there.  Depression brought me down onto my knees several times.  You can read my story on my About Page.

I did what I was “supposed to do” to get better – I was going to therapy and taking meds.  In little spurts here and there I’d exercise a bit, or go on some diet for a week (if that)…but nothing stuck for long.  I knew I wanted to be an active participant in being and STAYING well.  But I just couldn’t seem to stick with anything – except therapy and meds (for the most part) …. but I KNEW that was ONLY PART of what was helping me.  I needed to step up and help myself too!

Please know that:

  • You are NOT alone in feeling overwhelmed.
  • When life kicks your butt it is normal to come out of it not knowing which end is up.
  • It is common to not even know what makes you happy anymore.
  • Getting back to thriving can be done!
  • There is no magic pill or person that will suddenly get you back on track.
  • YOU must be ready to become an active participant in your Life, Health and Well-Being.
  • One day, one hour, one moment – one choice –  at a time can get you back to feeling GREAT and THRIVING!

I needed something simple that could help get me back on the road to thriving once again.  Something that I could do pretty easily.  And something that could help me avoid feeling so beat down again – because life does throw curve balls.

Doin’ the “4-G’s of Feelin’ Good” is what helped me when I finally decided that I needed to be a fully active participant in being and STAYING – happy, healthy…..and starting on the road to THRIVING!  I didn’t know WHERE to start and I wanted something SIMPLE.

The 4-G’s of Feelin’ Good are:

Goin’ – Move your body everyday.

Greens – Eat more veggies.

Givin’ – To yourself and others.

Gratitude – Be thankful always.

Just doing these for simple things each day (ok..let’s be real… ALMOST…every day) – helped me to stay feeling good, move up to feelin’ GREAT and lead to me THRIVING!

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I’ve been keeping my own “Feel Good Journal” online and you can read it here.

So that’s “Get Back to Thriving 101”.

Next, you can check out “Get Back Your Body” where I’ll tell you about the first 2-G’s of Feeling Good – Goin’ & Greens!