Self-Bliss. you are responsible for your own happiness.

Cultivate Your OWN Happiness – Self-Bliss

Self-Bliss. you are responsible for your own happiness.

All too often we look for that bliss everywhere else.
In our partners, our children, our jobs.
Our happiness hinges upon every person, thing and circumstance around us – outside of us.
The thing is, though, that happiness – that bliss – is only found inside of us.
It cannot be found, received and sustained from outside sources.

We can cultivate bliss within us.

We can accumulate so much bliss that it comes out of our pours and spills out into the world.
Our excess bliss can have a very positive effect on the world around us.
You see.  It is not “if they did X then I’d be happy”.
It IS “if I cultivate bliss within myself, then I can spread it to the world around me!”.
Cultivate YOUR Self-Bliss with the “From Blah to Bliss” mini-course HERE.
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