Create First!

Create First – Then Do Everything Else – Easier Said Than Done!


Create First!

Create BEFORE Everything Else!…. aka… do something that allows your creativity to flow and soul to soar BEFORE you get sucked into the black hole of the interwebs or taking care of everyone/everything else!

Yep… I keep re-directing myself to this! LOL.

Let me know if you do this too…

I wake up, roll over and grab my cell phone (or Kindle) and immediately check Facebook, e-mail, Amazon sales, web site hits.

Someone posted a link to an interesting article (George Takei a lot of times) and I go read that. Then – oh look – a funny pet video

Meanwhile – what I had told myself I’d be doing when I was pondering the morning last night – was to get up and go straight to creating – make a mandala, write, brainstorm. Maybe even meditate which, for me, helps things to flow.

But nope – I get lost on the interwebs and then before I know it I have 3 kitties reminding me that it is breakfast time (and the dog chimes in too).

So I go downstairs and feed the animals – THEN – I sneak upstairs to go and create for a bit.

Turns out that is not the best time to have uninterrupted creative time. I do try though.

The dog wants to go out or come in. Run downstairs – Creativity cut off.

Sneak upstairs again.

Then, you guessed it, the dog is barking again for one reason or another – usually to remind me that it’s almost time to give Orville (our cat with diabetes) his insulin shot…because then, Soc (the dog) knows that he gets to lick the empty cat food dish.

So I go downstairs and switch gears – I’ll clean, straighten for a bit until the dog comes in or the animals are done eating.

Then – oh – I get some idea. This morning it was to make up little packs of napkins, utensils, hand wipes and a trash bag for each car. I’m tired of needing a napkin or utensils and not having it. Problem solved!

Everyone is now done eating – I give Orv his insulin shot – the dog gets to lick to food dish and everyone is happy.

NOW – if I haven’t lost my inspiration – now I sit down to create. But first, I make my hot water with lemon (and usually apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and stevia;)

Ok – now really – I AM creating. And I try hard to resist the urge to get lost on the interwebs again…

So I’m trying to figure out how I can improve my mornings?

Getting up earlier well before feeding time would definitely help.  AND not checking Facebook and everything else on the interwebs first thing.

Now I understand why my Mom would be up by herself at 4:30am every morning!

I want to hear from you!

What does YOUR distracted morning look like?

What could you be CREATING instead of running around?

Any suggestions for staying focused and creating first?



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