Sunset over cranberry bogs at Whitesbog Village, NJ

Sunset Over Cranberry Bogs at Whitesbog Village, NJ

Sunset over cranberry bogs at Whitesbog Village, NJ

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It was an early September evening.  For me, a perfect temperature low 70’s-  cool, but still comfortable enough for short sleeves and capris.

I made a point of leaving the house early so I could catch the sun before it sank below the tree line.

I got to witness the last minutes of “golden hour” – that’s when the sun casts a golden glow over everything it’s rays touch.  That’s in the last hour or so before sunset.

This photo was taken from the intersection of a few causeways that run between cranberry bogs and water canals at Whitesbog Village.

The workers have been preparing for the fall cranberry harvest which is much evident by the tire/tread tracks.

This was the beginning of my visit with the setting sun on this evening – it did not disappoint one bit.



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