Cool Sunset Stroll at Whitesbog

This evening I decided that I just HAD TO get out for sunset and capture it with my camera.

That’s part of what I do to Feel Good 🙂  Wandering in nature and taking photos fills my “Feel Good Well” (don’t know what the heck I’m talking about?  See this post here.

So the dog (Soc) was bugging me to go out too!

So we hopped in the car about 40 minutes before sunset and headed down the road to Whitesbog Village.

Meanwhile a large mass of dark gray clouds started to roll in 🙁 And later just a little spritzin’ of rain.

All was not lost though – there still was some color.  And actually, the color was in pretty much the opposite direction of the setting sun.

The sun was setting behind those dark gray clouds I mentioned earlier.  I could see little bits of vibrant color peaking through the mass of dark clouds – but for tonight, the main show was in the other direction.

Hmm… I wonder if there is a lesson in there.

I think I found it!…..

– Beth Sawickie

And there were TUNDRA SWANS 🙂  25 or so of them hanging out in one of the old bogs.  They winter here.

Here are some of my photos from our sunset stroll…

This is the scene we saw as we pulled in to Whitesbog…

The red plants are blueberries.  Beyond the trees are the cranberry bogs.  You can see a little red-roofed pump house on the right.

I’ve taken photos in this spot before – check out Winter Cranberry Bog.

sunset-wb-nov22 (1 of 5)Cool Sunset Stroll at Whitesbog Village sunset-wb-nov22 (5 of 5)

This photo is supposed to be blurry 😉

This is the reflection of trees in a spot where the water has not frozen yet.

sunset-wb-nov22 (1 of 2) sunset-wb-nov22 (4 of 5)

Here is a close-up of the freezing water.  A very thin layer of ice…sunset-wb-nov22 (3 of 5) sunset-wb-nov22 (2 of 5)

Taking nature photos is a passion that blossomed only after I was able to overcome depression.  You can read more about that HERE.

I hope you enjoyed joining me (and Soc) on our little stroll this evening.

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By the way, all of the photos are available as prints and cards – get in touch with me HERE if you’d like to order some.

I’m choosing to Feel Great, Love Life & Thrive and I hope you are TOO! 🙂

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