Christmas Day Photo Lessons Learned

Today was Christmas.

Doug spent a good deal of time taking pictures of the tree with presents under it with his fancy camera (Nikon D-7000).

After trying all sorts of variations of camera and flash settings, this is the one that was the winner:

Christmas Tree Morning by Doug Venner

It took a lot of time and patience to get it to match his vision.

(side note: For Christmas I got Doug his own website and set up his Facebook Page – website – check ’em out – he does beautiful Fine Art Nature Photography 🙂

We didn’t have kids anxious to unwrap gifts – but we did have a dog that wanted to sniff every package and find the ones that were for him!

After this photo the fancy cameras went away.

Then I fumbled with my cell phone to get cute pics of the dog.  My cell phone seriously stinks at pictures.

Here are a few that I snapped:


This is Soc inspecting all the gifts sent from our family in South Carolina 🙂

He sniffed EVERYTHING!

And there were several ones he wanted to open (not his).

Luckily he didn’t open the lego sets for adults I had clearly not for him.

Two of his 3 toys survived the day.

I think that adorable snowman might beat the dust first (sorry Lake Murray Venners).

Those photos count as 5th in my 365 Days of Mandalas & Photos Project.

So, if those photos were larger you would see that the quality stinks.  They are definitely not anything that I would print out to keep.

Plus… I wasted a lot of time trying to get the shot – zoom-in, zoom-out, by the time I had it, the dog moved…etc.

By the end of the day we realized…That we should have just had one of our point-and-shoot cameras ready to use – DUH!

That would have made it so much easier to capture moments throughout the day without taking away from it.

So, lesson learned… always have your point-and-shoot ready! 🙂

Oh…and have a Very Merry Christmas! 🙂



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