Catnip Chillin by Beth Sawickie

The Story Behind “Catnip Chillin'”

I have a cat Orville (Orv… actually named after Orville Gibson).  A dear friend had found him as a young cat and eventually the mini tiger found his way to my home.

Orv has always enjoyed going outside and that has caused some problems and some rather high vet bills.

So, a strictly indoor cat Orv became except when he would sneak out – the little bugger!

He’s a bit older now and a little bit mellower, so I decided to see how he’d do on a leash outside.  Well, it is not like walking a dog.

Orv found the catnip I had planted next to the patio and he was just ALL OVER IT!

Sniffing, rolling, nibbling…..until finally he laid down and rested – on the catnip!

One content, happy kitty!  Outside and fresh catnip – what more does a cat need?

Detail of Catnip Chillin by Beth Sawickie

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