Acknowledge the Fear

"Acknowldedge the Fear" -

“I acknowledge the fear, uncertainty and doubt. It is a sign I am on the right path. I forge ahead, trusting that All IS Well.” ~ Beth Sawickie[Tweet this!]

I’ve realized that I have had some opportunities knocking on my door for a while now.  Things that I NEED to share with the world.  And things that I believe the world NEEDS to hear.  Not necessarily all 7+ billion people….but definitely some of those.

Looking back I realized that I had been on the cusp of sharing and opening myself up to the world many times before.  Each time I had stepped aside, said “no thank you”, let it pass and went on my not-always-so-merry way.

I found other things to keep me busy.  Stuff that did have meaning – helping people in some ways…but there was still those other opportunities knocking on my door.

I continued to ignore them until I just couldn’t take it anymore.  The knocking was often, loud and persistent!

I realize now that the reason I had not opened that door was because of uncertainty, doubt and FEAR.  I now realize that those things are normal – especially when you are taking a leap of faith.  So, I choose to acknowledge it, move past it and seriously head on my merry way down the path I’m meant to be on.

How about you?  When have you moved past fear and forged ahead?

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Do What Comes Naturally

by Beth Sawickie  "What Comes Naturally"

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“A flower doesn’t think about growing, blooming and setting seed…It just does what comes naturally.” – Beth Sawickie [Tweet this!]

I’ve been doing a lot of pondering lately about “what is my life’s purpose” – What is uniquely mine that I can share with the world and have some sort of positive impact on it?  How can I “be the change”?  What really makes my heart sing?  Am I on the right path? What if I’m headed the wrong way?  Maybe this one is it…. no, it’s that one…or maybe over there!  So much indecision, uncertainty and FEAR! Unnecessary, useless – fear.

I’m prone to coming up with what may be a good idea and then making this whole grand plan around it.  How I am going to achieve it – individual steps – when I’m going to do each step…etc.  Have you heard the saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”?  I have found that to be very true….and I’ve definitely been the cause of many bursts of laughter.

So – I’ve decided to give up the fear and uncertainty and to give up the PLANS.

I remember Dr. Wayne Dyer talking about watching an otter.  And he said something like they are content in their “otterness”.  They don’t try to be something they are not.  And they do what comes naturally to them.  They don’t worry, obsess and act out of fear – self preservation sure – but not as a habit.

Then, just today, I watched an interview that Marie Forleo did with Mastin Kipp about “How to Live Your Purpose“.  Mastin is the guy beyond .  He shares his story in the video – very inspiring.  It is around 20 minutes long – but definitely time well spent.  He talks about how he just HAD to share things he learned as he dove into self-discovery.  And – ya know what? – he didn’t have a PLAN!  He just knew he wanted to – HAD TO – share stuff that resonated with him about love with others and it grew from there.

By the way…If you are an entrepreneur doing your own thing but catching flack from others for it, you’ll want to forward to around the 15 minute mark and see how Mastin handled that.

There have been many other experiences and people who have been pointing me in this direction lately too – my friend Jeff Vionito who chose to do what comes naturally to him – share his seriously beautiful and touching poetry with others, Michael Neill and his “Inside Out Revolution”, Kate Northrup and even my dog – Soc (short for Socrates).  I’ll be writing about them more in the future.

I have decided that, hence forth, I am doing what comes naturally to me.  I will be like the flower – I am going to bloom, grow and share my seeds of thought with others – naturally.

I’m not exactly sure how it is all going to come together… I don’t have a definitive “plan”.  But what I do have is a goal – To be true to myself and share myself authentically with the world.  

As of right now, that is through sharing my thoughts on life and photography/images with the world.  And I’m going to work in there things about living a balanced life (mind, body and soul) – because that is part of what I am here to learn to do!

Hopefully I’ll find some people who “catch my drift” and maybe even inspire a few 🙂

I would love to hear what you think about doing what comes naturally and life purpose…please share below.


Fly Along With Life

“Like a bird happily carried by the wind, life can be seemingly effortless if we fly along with it.”

Image by Beth Sawickie - "Fly Along With Life"

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