Be the Change? What Does THAT Mean?

Be the Change Mandala -

“BE the Change”?  Huh?

Have you ever been stumped by this one?  It took me a while to honestly grasp the full meaning of it.

If you want world peace – you must begin with being peaceful in your own life – be peace NOW.

If you want a better environment to pass down to future generations – then care for it NOW.

If you want fairness and equality for all – then act fairly and treat all as equals NOW.

When each one of us becomes the change, we can turn the tide.

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Staying Healthy Amid Chaos

Chaos Calm Mandala - Beth Sawickie

For the last few weeks, life here has been a bit hectic, stressful and just downright exhausting.

Everyone has chaotic times in their lives.  There is no avoiding them.  Being prone to depression, I KNOW that I can easily find myself in that hole when life gets crazy.

For me, the key to staying sane and healthy during these times is remembering to take care of myself – and actually doing it!  And also not getting pissed at myself when I forget to take time for myself – that just creates an unhelpful negative spiral.

Tweet This:Chaos in the world around me does not have to mean chaos within me.” – @BethSawickie

Here are things I have been doing that are helping me to stay healthy (and sane!) amid the chaos:

  • A huge milestone for me is being aware of when things are getting chaotic and being aware that I need to make sure I’m taking care of myself.
  • Doing only what I NEED to do on a daily basis.  When life gets a bit crazy my main goals become food and clean clothes – and oh yeah – showering!!
  • Having some down time to do something fun. (For me fun is…spending time in nature, reading, photography, creating mandalas like the one in this post, watching a comedy)
  • Leaving off a lot of those pain-in-the-ass “shoulds” from the to-do list.  (I “should” have a perfect “Leave It To Beaver” household – everything clean and in place, weed all the flower beds, wash the car, shampoo the carpet…etc.)  These darn “shoulds” seriously haunt the back of my brain more than I’d like to admit – working on letting go of them has been very helpful.
  • Doing the “4-G’s of Feeling Good  –  I’ll admit that I have NOT been doing all of these every day these last few weeks and I KNOW that when I do them it really helps me to Feel Good no matter what stuff is going on in the rest of my world.
    • Goin’ – get my body moving daily.  I have been doing this most days 🙂
    • Greens – eating greens every day.  This is where I have been REALLY slacking.
    • Givin’ – to myself and others. Definitely been doing this.
    • Gratitude – even when life gets crazy there are always things to be grateful for. 

Grab your free copy of my book – “Get Back on the Feel Good Train: 4 Simple Strategies to Help Get  You Back on Track” that explains the 4-G’s more HERE.

Another huge help for me is having a GREAT support system of a few close friends I know I can turn to for support – and my therapist.

Ultimately, it’s all about taking one day at a time and doing the best you can each day – right?

I’m always looking for suggestions about simple things to do to stay happy and healthy – what do you do that works for you?  Please let me know in the comments below 🙂

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Sun Fire Mandala with Quote

Sun Fire Mandala

Sun Fire Mandala with Quote

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This mandala started out as a photo of a little yellow flower that had slight hints of orange in it.

If you look closely at this mandala you’ll see both circles and squares.

When I gaze at it I feel as if I’m gong several layers deep into it.

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One Moment at a Time

Image by

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“One Day, One Hour, One Moment… Just Keep Doing the Best You Can.” ~ Beth Sawickie [Tweet This!]

I find it very easy to get overwhelmed.  So much to do – and sometimes it seems like I’m climbing an insurmountable mountain.

What I’ve found to be true for me is that I just need to keep plugging forward – one little step at a time.  “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – it was stone by stone, brick by brick.

As long as I do the best I personally can each day, then I’m a happy girl.  That is all any of us can do – right?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this….please comment below 🙂

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