Mandalas and kaleidoscope images created by Beth Sawickie.

Feather Mandala 1 by Beth Sawickie

Feather Mandala 1

Feather Mandala 1 by Beth Sawickie

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I LOVE feathers!

And I am just thrilled with how this mandala of feathers turned out!

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The inspiration for this mandala came from a photo I took of a Cayuga Duck.

It was a brutally cold winter’s day.  Doug and I just found out about this little pond filled with LOTS of waterfowl.

Of the hundreds of ducks/geese there were a few of these Cayuga Ducks.

I was totally in awe of their colors – and how the light made them just sparkle and glow!

Here he is:

Mallard Mix Duck by Beth Sawickie

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Love is natural mandala by Beth Sawickie

Love is Natural

Love is natural mandala by Beth Sawickie

Love IS natural.

Love is our natural state of being.

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This is the heart-shaped ivy leaf that inspired this mandala. I found growing amid the cold, cold, winter air. A sign of love amid the cold and desolate winter.

Heart shaped ivy leaf by Beth Sawickie

New Life Mandala by Beth Sawickie

New Life Mandala

New Life Mandala by Beth Sawickie

This mandala was inspired by early spring buds appearing on a cold winter’s day with snow still on the ground.

New Life pushing through the snow, ice and cold.

New Life appearing in what appeared to be barren and lifeless.

New Life appearing after a long, cold, dark winter.

Nature shows us that there is a cycle to everything – just like in life.

The cold, dark winter of our souls need not be forever.  Spring is near.

Prints, cards and pillows! of this mandala are available HERE.

Here is the original photo that inspired this mandala:

Spring Bud 1 by Beth Sawickie


Doing nature photography and creating mandalas is something that feeds my soul and brings me great joy!
It wasn’t until I took action to move from Blah (depression) to Bliss that my talents for photography and mandala creation blossomed.  If you’d like to move from Blah to Bliss too, check out the free Blah to Bliss Toolkit here.

Pastel Sky Mandala by Beth Sawickie

Pastel Sky Mandala

Pastel Sky Mandala by Beth Sawickie

It was an early February evening.

Bitter cold with a whipping wind.

The setting sun cast it’s color around the sky.

A lone birch tree silhouetted by the soft pastel sky.

Peace, contentment and solace among the whipping frigged wind.

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Beat of the World Mandala by Beth Sawickie

Beat of the World Mandala

Beat of the World Mandala by Beth Sawickie


The background is created from a sunset.

The white lines are actually silhouettes of bare tree limbs.

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