Birth of the Purple Crystals Mandala

To me, this one looks like purple crystals rising from  the center of a plume of clear rainbow-reflecting crystals.  All surrounded by an explosion of blue energy.

Some meanings associated with the color of purple:

  • good judgement
  • spiritual connection
  • peace of mind
  • magic & mystery
  • imagination & inspiration
  • royalty
  • violet purple = purpose and the Crown Chakra

Do you recognize this image at all?  I created it from a previous image….see below…

Birth of the Purple Crystals Mandala by Beth Sawickie

See a larger version of this image here.

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The above mandala was created from my Purple Blooms Mandala.

I used a combination of Redfield’s Fractalius Plugin for Photoshop and Topaz Labs Plug-Ins…..and a bit of divine inspiration 🙂

Purple Blooms Mandala by Beth Sawickie




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