Getting back to having a thriving Soul started with the 2nd G’s…

Giving and Gratitude.


Every day I look for ways to give to myself and others.

The smallest gesture can uplift someone’s entire day – and yours too!

This is especially helpful if you are feeling down in the dumps. Picking yourself up and helping another person can help you to forget your troubles. And don’t be surprised if you get back as much or more good than you are giving to other people.

Important Note: This does NOT mean that you should go and “give till it hurts”. Remember that you need to take care of you first and foremost. Give to yourself first so you are overflowing with kindness to share with others.


Every day I look for things to be grateful for.

Thankfulness comes from the heart – truly appreciating things comes from the soul. When we are grateful we spill forth even more good feelings and in turn, more good is returned to us.

You can see what I have been doing for Givin’ and Gratitude in My Online Feel Good Journal here.

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