Beth Sawickie www.BethSawickie.comOnly one simple thing to do to complete your registration & start getting updates.

Check your e-mail and look for a message titled something like:

Response Required…


“Please Confirm…”

It should be there within the next 5 minutes (or less).

If it is not in your inbox, you may find it in your spam folder.

There’s a confirmation link in there that you just need to click – then you are all set!

This is so some random person doesn’t sign you up to get e-mails that you don’t want (hey- it could happen).

Ok – the “Response Required” e-mail should be waiting for you in your inbox now – please go check for it 🙂

Can’t Find the E-Mail?

Please check your “spam” folder.

If you are using Google’s G-Mail….

Please check the “Promotions” and “Updates” tabs.