Peaceful Heart Mandala by Beth Sawickie

Peaceful Heart Mandala

Love From Within Mandala by Beth Sawickie

Love From Within Manadala

Love From Within Mandala by Beth Sawickie

Detail from Love From Within Mandala by Beth Sawickie

Pink… one of the colors of the heart chakra.  From what I’ve read, pink is actually the secondary color of that chakra – green being the primary.

In this mandala, the pink is emerging from the center much like Love for self and others comes from within.

When I view this mandala I can feel my heart chakra opening.

That feeling is very similar to how I felt when viewing the original nature scene that this mandala was created with.

Keep reading to learn more about the elements that went into creating this mandala.

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One of the things I love photographing out in nature is the silhouette of trees against the sky.

Make it a colorful sunset in the sky and I am just in awe!  I’m fortunate to get to witness many beautiful sunsets on my Nature Strolls.

There’s just something about the lines of the trees.  They’re all growing vertical – mostly parallel, then they have their intertwining branches. It’s like an abstract line drawing.

Put that abstract line drawing onto a colorful sky and – to me – it looks like a beautiful stained glass window created by nature.

Here is the original photo I started with:

Love from within mandala original starting photo - Beth Sawickie

I like to really bring out the FEELING I had – the energy I sensed – when viewing the scene live.

I felt awe, love, bliss, connected to the energy that runs through all things.

Here is the image showing the energy I felt when there:

Ghost Trees of Fire by Beth Sawickie

I call this one “Ghost Trees of Fire”.

So the above image is what I used in creating the “Love From Within Mandala”.

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Warmth in the Cold Mandala by Beth Sawickie

Warmth in the Cold Mandala

Warmth in the Cold Mandala by Beth Sawickie

Have you ever been outside on a cold winter’s day and felt the warm rays of the sun?

Or been out walking on a cool pre-dawn morning, then suddenly warmed by the sun’s rays peaking over the horizon?

Even in the coldness, there can be rays of warmth.

We just need to position ourselves to catch them – and pay attention when they are available to us.

Much like there are rays of hope, glimmers of joy and glowing opportunities – if only we will pay attention to when they are there.

Yes, it may be cold – bitter cold – chilled to the bone – cold…. but there is warmth among the cold.

Pay attention, be aware… be awake!

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Sunset Framed by Branches by Beth Sawickie

Sunset Stroll – March 18th, 2015

Just a few days before the “official” start of spring here in the Northern Hemisphere and Mother Nature was again reminding us that it ain’t spring yet!

There were gusty winds throughout the day with a little chill on the breeze.

But – wow – once that sun started setting, brrr.  It dipped to under 40.  Cue the red runny nose and frozen fingers.

Beth and Doug March 18th, 2015 - Whitesbog

We decided to go to Whitesbog Village for sunset (one of our favorite places).

Some of the dirt roads there are beat up!  Ruts galore.  Luckily, since everything was still frozen, it wasn’t a mushy mess.  And, we had our 4×4 Tracker with us.

As we got to the old bog area we saw Tundra Swans.  There were Ring Necked Ducks hanging out in the middle of one of the bogs.  All of ’em were enjoying the open water that was terribly hard to find only a few weeks ago.

We drove a bit further passed the first couple bogs and passed several Mallard Duck couples in the shallow areas.

Then the Red Winged Black Birds – we only started seeing one of ’em here and there a few weeks ago – well, now they’re really returning to the area.

So pretty and their song is nice too!

Here’s a pic that Doug got of one of the Red Winged Black Birds:

You can see his feathers were all ruffled up from the almost constant wind.

They were such a delight to see and here.

We also saw Mourning Doves and some other little birds (I’ll have to check with Doug and let you know what they’re called.)

So we got to the spot where we wanted to photograph sunset from. Soc (the dog) was with us and he was anxious to get out of the truck!

I brought my little video camera with me to capture sunset – but I goofed – it ran out of juice! doh! I’m charging it now and will try again soon.

We also got to see a Beaver swimming along.  He always seems to pop out when there is very low light, so the pics aren’t that great.  Here he is:

Beaver at Whitesbog Village

Here are photos and my interpretations of sunset showing the energy I felt when viewing it:

Sunset Framed by Branches by Beth Sawickie

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