From Blah to Bliss by Beth Sawickie

New Book – From Blah to Bliss! – coming September 2014

New book coming out in September 2014.  Available on Amazon Kindle by September 8th!

“From Blah to Bliss! One Woman’s Journey Through Depression to Thriving!” (with tips to get you there too!) – by Beth Sawickie

I am sooo stoked to get this book out into the world.

In it I will share:

  • My journey through depression and bipolar II disorder – from teenage years into my 30’s.  The ups, downs, denial and acceptance.
  • Where I’m at Now – Happy, healthy and forever learning from life.
  • How I got to “Bliss” and how I plan to stay here.
  • The 4-G’s of Feelin’ Good (Goin’, Greens, Givin’, Gratitude)
  • and More!

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From Blah to Bliss by Beth Sawickie

Thoughts Are Like Sunglasses


We may not realize it, but everything we do and everything we experience  and how we feel is influenced by our thinking.

I sometimes get caught in a loop of negative thinking.  Some nasty self talk can run rampant through my brain.

How do those negative thoughts make me FEEL? Answer: seriously horrible.

What actions do those thoughts and feelings inspire?: um – none!  I’ll stay crawled up on the couch wallowing in misery with my dark shades on.

What if I combat that negative thinking with something that helps me to feel good?  I’ll pick up those slightly rose tinted sun glasses I have and start seeing the world in a kinder light.

So which sun glasses are you choosing to put on?

  • The ones that make things so dark that you can barely see.  Everything looks muted, gray – just totally blah.
  • Those special ones you see on the TV info-mercials – high definition.  They make everything crisper and easy to see.  With these you can see the lessons to be learned through life  –  even the ‘bad’ things have something to teach us if we will only look.
  • The anti-glare sunglasses that make bright headlights easier to look at.  Have you ever been effected by someone elses bright headlights?  They can hurt your eyes and mess with your vision a bit at night.  Anti-glare sunglasses to the rescue – these help make what could be an uncomfortable situation more palatable.
  • Maybe your sunglasses are old, out-dated, worn and have scratches all over them.  You can’t see clearly through them.  That is like having old, untrue thoughts that negatively affect us – time to replace ’em!
  • Mine have a slight rose tint to them.  I love looking at the sky with them because they always enhance little wisps of clouds in the sky – and also  – I like pink 🙂  These bring out the subtle things to enjoy in everyday life.

There are all sorts of sunglasses that can cloud or enhance your vision.

Likewise, there are myriads of thoughts to be thinking – are you choosing ones that make life seem gloomy or ones that help you see that life isn’t so bad after all – in fact – it can be GREAT – it is all in how you view it.

Now it’s your turn…

Which pair of sunglasses do you wear most often?

What tips do you have for choosing better thoughts?

Let me know in the comments below…

Take Some Weight Off Your Shoulders – Drop the Facade and Be the REAL You!

Be Real -

Being your true self can be scary and the thought of doing so can be faced with “what if’s” – most of which revolve around what others will think.

I’m here to say – screw that!

For me, putting up that public quasi perfect me just causes me angst.  I carry this little weight on my shoulders that over time, feels down right heavy.

I’m throwing that weight away and allowing my figurative wings of truth to unfurl.  Join me!

Ready to be my true self.
Even though it is scary to be vulnerable.
Allowing others to accept me as I am – or not – their choice.
Loving myself by letting go of unrealistic expectations – most of which I put on myself!

I am ready to stop trying to be who I think others want me to be – or what I think is socially acceptable.
‘I am who I am’ said Popeye and that is my new motto!

Some REAL things about me…

  • I sleep in more days than I get up bright an early.  I’m done with beating myself up about this – done with feeling guilty that I “should” get up early.  Besides, I DO often work at night when others are fast asleep.
  • June Cleaver does not live here.  Pretty much the only times I clean are sometimes when I am chatting on the phone with my best friend, a few hours before company arrives or when the stars align and I get the cleaning bug.  My boyfriend has a cleaning routine he does and I am SO grateful for that.  I am done feeling guilty about this – I “should” spend my days cleaning – after all – I do work from home.    My work is just as valuable as anyone elses.  Just because I work from home does not mean that I don’t work.
  • I have bad days.  I’m not always upbeat, I don’t always follow my own advice and sometimes things just suck.  What I have learned is that I need to allow myself these down times… just as long as I pick myself back up again and get back on that “Feel Good Train“.
  • I am overweight – by between 40-50 lbs.  Even though I do the 4-G’s of Feelin’ Good, I still have phases of eating a lot of crap that seems to instantly turn to fat – mostly in my stomach.  I have a definite addiction to sugar that I am working on kicking for good.  I am taking actions to lower my weight, but in the mean time I am wearing clothes that fit my current body and look good!  No more squeezing my rear into too-tight pants and then trying hide the muffin top with a large shirt!

Look for more “REAL” coming through on this blog and in the podcasts.  Of course I want to share with you all the great things that ARE working for me – but I’ll also share the REAL challenges.

Now it is your turn…

Are you ready to be REAL?  Let me know in the comments below!

What weight have you been carrying around that you are going to throw away?

Beth’s Story: Getting Back to Thriving After Depression

In this podcast Beth shares her story of surviving depression and bipolar II disorder – and getting back to thriving!

Learn the 4-G’s of Feelin’ Good (Goin’, Greens, Givin’ & Gratitude) here.

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Hi, I’m Beth Sawickie and I want to welcome you to the Thriving After Life Kicks Your Butt Podcast. I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself in this podcast: where I’ve been, where I’m at now and where I’m headed and how I can help you get back to thriving after life has kicked your butt. I want to see you get back to feeling great, loving life and thriving. It is possible.

So, a little bit about me, well, I’ve realized that my purpose is actually to thrive after depression and bipolar two disorder by making my mental, physical and spiritual health top priorities and I really want to inspire you to do the same. Now, it’s been a long time coming to get me to this point. Back when I was fifteen or so, I believe, is when my depression actually started, but it wasn’t until many, many years later – fifteen and over – that I actually found out what the problem was and got proper treatment and everything, so it’s been a crazy ride through that – tons of highs and tons of lows.

I’d say I was a sad clown on a crazy, run-away rollercoaster. If you know anybody who’s gone through this, you know it is very challenging and it’s not always that somebody comes out the other end and I’m very grateful that I have, so where I’m at now is: I’ve been good with consistently staying on my meds and seeing a therapist for a number of years now and life is good, but I realize that I needed to do something more – like therapy and meds were not the whole puzzle, they were just pieces of the puzzle – so, I realized that I needed to seriously take an active role – be an active participant – in my mental and physical health – and spiritual health too.

But, I didn’t know where to start, like I would go and be like, “Okay, I’m gunna do this crazy health routine. I’m going to go and juice for six months and, you know, I’m gunna go and, you know, and just do something for a long time,” and what would happen is that it just didn’t work well for me, so I realized that I was learning a lot of good self-help techniques and stuff, but what I needed were just simple strategies. I didn’t need something that was, like, an all-consuming crazy thing. I just need some simple things to help me stay feeling good and healthy.

So, what I started doing is what I call the Four Gs of Feeling Good: going, greens, give in and gratitude where every day I move my body somehow. Maybe it’s a walk or I go to yoga – I do something – and every day I strive to eat more greens and keep those in my diet – whether it’s juicing, smoothies or a salad – and every day giving and not just others, but also to myself. I’ve had to learn to really cut myself a break and be kind to myself and gratitude. Every day I sit down in the evening and I write down at least three things that I’m grateful for and you’d be amazed and just how doing that can really just bring things into perspective and open you up to the good in your life that you maybe didn’t realize was there. Even if you can’t think of what to write and you just write, you know, I’m grateful to be able to breathe in and out because that, in and of itself, is a miracle.

Now, through doing this I also was able to reconnect to myself and ignite passions that I didn’t know I had and when I started out I just was like, “Oh, I don’t know what I’m passionate about. I don’t know what I really enjoy doing so much,” but, through doing the Four G process, I discovered that I love photography – nature photography – and being creative with photographs and digital art, so that’s something that I post on my website from time to time are new creations of mine and I’ve also, you know, rediscovered my love of nature and gardening and, you know, it’s just been great, so now I’m really in a much better place. I’m much more balanced and happier and my life is pretty darn good.

I take care of myself – body, mind and soul – and I’m always looking for new ways to take care of myself in that way and I’ve made my self-care a priority. I’m definitely a work-in-progress and I’m always, you know, finding new ways to improve and, you know, as long as each day is better – a bit – than the one before or just as good I’m happy, so that’s my story and I’d love to hear yours, so come visit me at That’s and go get your copy of Get Back on the Feel Good Train: Simple Strategies to Help Get You Back on Track – it’s free on my website and it’ll help you get started with the Four Gs, which are really simple, and there’s also a free journal sheet included, so you can log them each day.

‘Kay, come see me on the web – – also Facebook – Beth Sawickie – and I’ll see you around. Thank-you for listening to the Thriving After Life Kicks Your Butt Podcast. I’m choosing to feel good, thrive and live life and I hope you are too.


Beth Sawickie is a survivor of depression and Bipolar II Disorder who has learned to THRIVE by making her mental, physical and spiritual health top priorities. Beth helps and inspires others get back to thriving after life has kicked their butt! Read more about her here.

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13 Ways Decrease Self-Worth

13 Ways to Guarantee That Your Self-Worth Stays Shoved Down in the Toilet And How to Scoop It Out Without Getting Poop on Your Hands

13 Ways Decrease Self-Worth


I certainly got an A+ in the “De-Valuing Yourself 101” class – I spent years studying and learned from some of the best (or is it worst?).

Here are 13 of the best ways I have learned to shove my Self-Worth down the toilet….and what I have learned to do instead to build my Self-Worth and show the world that I DO value myself.

  1. Your #1 priority is to focus on what others need and provide it for them – disregarding yourself.
  2. You believe that no one gets what they want out of life – especially you – it never works out for you!
    • What if… you took the time to figure out what it is that you truly want out of life. The Universe can’t help you get what you don’t define. Then you take steps (even baby steps) in that direction.  No one can stop you!
  3. You go through your days reacting to everything around youyou are not happy/fulfilled because of all the things/people/circumstances around you.
    • What if… you check-in with yourself and ask “is this helping me get to where I want to be?” (if not – you stop it and course correct!)
  4. You squash any hunches or gut feelings you have – that’s all woo-woo stuff anyway – you live in the REAL world.  And besides, everyone else knows better than you do.
    • What if… you trust your intuition – your gut – just this once to try it out.  It gets easier the more you tune in to it.
  5. You grab whatever is available to eat and mindlessly chomp it down – fast, convenient, processed food – you don’t have time to cook, let alone learn about what is in your food.  Besides, you like the way it tastes – it makes you happy – food has become a drug that dulls the pain.  Just like everyone else, the weight slowly creeps on – you believe it is normal for your body to break down as you get older – and it does.
    • What if… you treat your body like the temple to the soul that it is – a marvelous gift that allows us to experience all this world has to offer.  You know that if you treat your body well through, excellent nutrition and exercise, it will reward you with health and vitality.
  6. Indulging in some pampering that makes you feel good (ie. manicure, hair cut, massage) is not for you – maybe when you get a raise, pay off the credit card, get a gift certificate – how could you splurge on that when you NEED the money for something else?  If you DO splurge you feel guilty.
    • What if… you choose pamper yourself ‘just because’.  You know that when you do things that make you feel good, then that good flows out into the rest of your life.  You choose to spend some money on yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT!
  7. You spend the majority of your day sitting and the evenings laying on the couch and it shows.  Your body has excess pounds on it and, well, that is just the way it is – and pass the Ben & Jerry’s please (my favorite is vanilla Heath Bar)!
    • What if… you move your body every day – start with a 10 minute walk.  Then you realize you FEEL better after getting your body moving.  Getting up and moving becomes more pleasurable than loafing and mindlessly eating empty calories (it CAN happen!).
  8. You get consumed by those nasty gremlins in your head- fear, doubt, uncertainty, all the what-if’s, should-of’s, could-of’s – it is a never-ending chorus of negativity.
    • What if… you practice being in the NOW.  When the gremlins show up, let them pass by.  They won’t come to bother you as much if you don’t feed them.
  9. When others around you are grumpy, pissed-off or just plain rude you just know it is because of you – you must have done SOMETHING to upset them.  Then you replay every word, action and glance from the last 3 weeks in your head over and over and over.
    • What if… you know that other people’s negativity, attitude or grumpiness has nothing to do with you.  In fact, they are actually thinking of YOU much, much less than you think they are. They are fighting their own battles.  Send them love.
  10. You must be going, doing, multi-tasking and accomplishing something from the minute you get up to the minute you go to sleep.  Go, go, go!  Hard work = success. No rest for the weary is your motto.
    • What if… you allow yourself to “just be” – seriously – still, quiet with NOTHING going on.  Remember? Like you may have done during summer vacations as a kid when the days seemed to last forever? And you realize that doing nothing actually helps you to accomplish more of what is truly important and meaningful to you.
  11. You beat yourself up internally – the little voice in your head criticizes you constantly – you shouldn’t have done that, said that…OMG what will they think of that? You aren’t good enough, you don’t do enough…etc.
    • What if… you are kind and gentle with yourself.  You know you are WORTH treating just as nicely as you would your loved ones (because you DO love yourself.)
  12. You complain about everything and swim in negativity (in the deep end of the pool) – everything sucks, nothing ever goes right, you expect the worst – always – there is NOTHING to be thankful for.
    • What if… You actively look for the good even if it’s just little stuff at first – a smile, a sunset, a bird singing, the close parking spot you got, breathing? You show gratitude for all things in life – even the crappy stuff because you know there is something to be learned from it and that you’ll emerge a better person – you are thankful for the lessons.  You know that gratitude is like telling the Universe…”I’d like more of that, please.”
  13. You believe that bad things always happen to you, they bring you down and then punch you with more of the same.
    • What if… you choose to believe that bad things don’t happen TO you – they happen FOR you to learn something, grow and move forward an even better person.  You are NOT a victim – you are a student of life.

What if… you chose to build your Self-Worth a bit each day?

You know you may slip into old ways from time to time, but that is ok – you just pick yourself up and move forward again.

One thing I’ve done to help myself feel good is the “4-G’s of Feeling Good” – Goin’ (moving my body every day), Greens (eating veggies), Giving (to myself and others), Gratitude (always!).  Learn more about the 4-G’s HERE.

Every step makes your world a bit brighter.

Life gets better and more good things happen for you.  It’s a very nice positive cycle to be in – join me!

Over to YOU…

What ways of de-valuing yourself would you add to the list?

What do you do to build your Self-Worth?

Please leave a comment below.

And – hey – if you know someone who would benefit from this article… please pass it along to them.  Tweet, Pin, Post, Like, Share…etc, etc, etc!