Interview with Alanna Blundo – Changing the Perception of Mental Illness

Thriving Podcast Interview with Alanna Blundo inspiring interview with Alanna Blundo of  “Dream Big Expect Miracles” .

She shares her experience with depression and anxiety, what has worked for her and why she has started a campaign to change the perception of mental illness.

Alanna is from Melbourne, Australia. She believes in a more loving world and does what she can to support this transformation including teaching yoga, blogging, writing and starting her new campaign for mental health.

Connect with Alanna here:

Disclaimer:  None of the information in this podcast is a substitute for medical advise or psychiatric advice.  This podcast is meant to help inspire – not give medical advice.  You are urged to seek the help of a qualified medical professional if you believe that you or a loved one have depression, anxiety or any mental illness.

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