I Failed – Again!

"I'd Rather Learn From My Failures than..." http://www.bethsawickie.com/i-failed-againWell, like I wrote in “Get Back on the Feel Good Train” – sometimes my virtual train just gets thrown of the tracks.  I’m not exactly sure how it happened this time – it wasn’t a sudden derailment.  It happened slowly over the last couple of weeks.

In 2013 I made the decision to be an active participant in my physical and mental health.  This lead to me creating the “4-G’s of Feeling Good” (Goin’, Greens, Givin’, Gratitude).

When I make following them daily a priority, my days are much better.  I feel centered, calm, balanced and happy.

I had been recording My 4-G Journal every day online.  That is something that I was doing on paper prior to putting it online.  Well, when I stopped typing it on this site, I didn’t go back to physically writing it down in my journal.  That was a mistake.

Then, I fell off the wagon.

While I may not know exactly WHAT happened to derail me, I can tell you that I haven’t been doing the 4-G’s of Feeling Good!  Those are what I had been doing to help keep me on that Feel Good Train.  4 simple things that bring so much good into my life….and I slacked.

I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I can tell you where I ended up…. oh-shits-ville!

This is where my body feels like crap, I’ve put back on at least 5 pounds (been scared to step on the scale), my energy level sucks, skin is yucky, I’m eating way too much sugar and carbs, and my brain feels foggy and scattered at the same time.

Lately I’ve been having at least one bowl of ice cream a day, complete with Magic Shell, rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream.

(NOT) Goin’

Finding excuses each day to not move my body much.

  • It’s too hot to go and walk
  • I’ll do it later
  • Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up early enough to go out and walk before it gets too hot
  • It’s raining, it looks like it’s going to rain, oh the weatherman said there’s a 20 percent chance of rain today.
  • I’m too tired.

(NOT Eatin’) Greens

Even preparing my green smoothie or green juice became something that I would avoid.

  • I didn’t have all the ingredients.
  • I didn’t have the time (5-7 minutes) to make the smoothie/juice.
  • I’d make one later.
  • I need to make it fresh every time (I believe this for smoothies – but for the juices, I could just make them the night before so they’re ready for drinking in the morning just after my warm water with lemon).
  • I’ll just eat more veggies later in the day (doesn’t happen).
  • Ah – I can skip today – I’ll start again tomorrow.

 Givin’ and Gratitude – yeah right !?!?

I’ve still been Givin’ a bit – but without replenishing my OWN reserves by taking care of myself…that givin’ doesn’t work out so well.

And Gratitude…. that’d be a quick (like the Flash quick) little internal mention in my brain before going to bed – if I remembered.  And often I would not take the time to reflect on the day and be grateful for anything.

All sorts of excuses and they are ALL BALONEY! TOTAL BALONEY!


But here’s the deal… sitting here and wallowing in self-pitty, beating myself up, putting myself down and having yet another bowl of ice cream with magic shell, rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream – will NOT help me to feel better.

I want to FEEL GOOD!  I am willing to make choices that help me to Feel Good!

On a good note…

I have recognized that my virtual train got de-railed – and recognized it sooner than I had in the past.

This has reminded me how I DON’T want to feel and WHY I do the 4-G’s in the first place.

I am looking forward to getting my train back on track and observing my body, mind and soul respond positively to the 4-G’s 🙂

Right now I am putting my train back on track.  Sure, I just had a bowl of ice cream and I didn’t exercise today.  The only moment I have is right NOW!  I can’t go back and change the poor choices I’ve made over the last couple of weeks.

What I CAN do is acknowledge that I goofed, call myself out on my baloney excuses and move forward knowing that I can choose to make better decisions – things that will support my ultimate goal of Feeling Good!

What I am doing right now is sharing something real with you (Givin’) that may help to inspire you to get yourself back on track.

And as far as Gratitude goes:

  • I am grateful for recognizing that I was making poor choices for my body, mind and soul – and realizing that I can now make better choices.
  • I am grateful for the rain we had today that watered all the plants including the new flowers I put in the ground.
  • I am grateful for the songs of the crickets being carried on the cool breeze coming in the window.

I want to hear from you!

What baloney excuses do you use that keep you for doing things that help you feel good?

How do you get yourself back on track?

Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Red Fox Mandala by Beth Sawickie http://www.BethSawickie.com/red-fox-mandala

Red Fox Mandala


The Red Fox brings us many lessons and gifts including passion, cleverness and wisdom.

Red Fox Mandala by Beth Sawickie http://www.BethSawickie.com/red-fox-mandala

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Whether playing or hunting – they are all-in and all-consumed when doing either.

Do you give life your all?


These beautiful animals have the ability to adapt to situations that otherwise may seem to be detrimental.  For instance, humans moving in to their territory may have decreased their habitat – but also supplied them with more opportunities for food if they were clever enough to get to them.

Where in your life could you use a little cleverness to see a situation differently and turn it around to your advantage?


They know the in’s and outs of a forest – where to hunt, where to hide and how to survive. They stop, silent and observe from a distance before bounding into an area.  They remind us that we can surmount any obstacle if we’ll only stop, look, listen and possibly find an alternate route around it.

Our intuition is our inner wisdom that we can call upon whenever it is needed.  We can stop, be silent and listen to the wisdom of our inner voice.

Do you listen to your intuition?

Here is the original photo that inspired this mandala:
Red Fox by Beth Sawickie http://www.bethsawickie.com/red-fox-mandala

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Dogwood Glowing in the Sunlight


I like to work with my photographs and make the subject look like it does through my eyes.

For instance, when I saw this dogwood lit up by the sun it struck me.

The glow.     The way the tiny ridges of the flower were highlighted.

The glowing green of the leaves.     The new leaves just starting to sprout up out of the limbs.

To me – just absolutely stunning – glowing with life, beauty and inspiration.

Dogwood Glowing in the Sunlight by Beth Sawickie http://www.bethsawickie.com/dogwood-glowing-in-the-sunlightBuy prints and cards of this dogwood here.

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Spring Renewal Mandala

An array of colors make their triumphant return to the landscape after being wiped away during winter.

Everything is new again.  Blossoming, blooming, bursting with newness and color.

I never know how these mandalas will turn out when I first start.  See the original picture I started with below this mandala

Spring Renewal Mandala by Beth Sawickie http://www.bethsawickie.com/spring-renewal-mandala


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Here is the original photo I started with…an azalea…

Pink Azalea by Beth Sawickie http://www.bethsawickie.com

To transform the azalea picture into the “Spring Renewal Mandala” I used a combination of:

  • Kaleidoscope Kreator 3
  • Lightroom
  • Topaz Labs
  • Fractalius Plug-in for Photoshop
  • Photoshop CC

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Marching Hearts


Here is a photo of some – just-starting-to-open – bleeding hearts from mid-May.

As they’re opening, the bottoms look like little feet marching them along in a line.

Such a stunning flower – I’m in awe whenever I see one!

Marching Hearts photo by Beth Sawickie http://www.bethsawickie.com/marching-hearts


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