Golden Hour Reflections

I’m fortunate to have a some really beautiful cranberry bogs nearby that I visit often.  I love being there during what is called the “golden hour”.  It’s an hour or so before sunset when the sun casts a beautiful golden glow over everything it reaches.

On this particular early April evening, the golden glow was beautiful!  Plus the water was still allowing for a perfect reflection.  And the stunning blue sky with the little puffs of clouds – just a total vision.  A little while after snapping this picture the sun fully set and the spring peepers started peeping – love hearing them! Image by Beth Sawickie "Golden Hour Reflections"

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Part of Feeling Good Is Letting Good In "Good things arrive in many different packages.  Don't throw them away because you don't like the wrapping paper."

One of the “4-G’s” to feeling good is “Giving” (along with getting Goin’, Greens and Gratitude).  As I mention in “Get Back on the Feel Good Train“, Giving is the one that I have the most challenges with.  One of those reasons is that I find it all to easy to give to others without first giving to myself.

I need to have my own “feelin’ good” well filled up and over-flowing before I can give to others while maintaining my own health and well-being.  Part of filling up that “feelin’ good” well is to receive – to let good in.

For me, this has been a challenge – up until now.  Once I opened my eyes to see the good that I am surrounded by, I let it in and my well began to fill.  All that good was there all along but I didn’t see it – I didn’t let it in.

For me, it was in the form of friends and family being helpful and supportive – but I didn’t see it initially because it was being given to me in ways I did not expect or my pride/ego got in the way.  I expected to be able to do everything myself – to be totally self-reliant and not need a hand from anyone.  What’s that saying? – “No man is an island” – so true!Good things arrive in many different packages – don’t throw them away just because you don’t like the wrapping paper.

“Good things arrive in many different packages – don’t throw them away just because you don’t like the wrapping paper.” [click here to TWEET This]

It reminds me of the story of the man stranded on the roof-top of his house during a major flood.  He is stuck there praying to God for help.  A man comes along in a row-boat to get him and the man on the roof doesn’t go – God is going to save him, he says.  Then a rescue helicopter shows up and lowers a basket for him to climb onto.  Again, he does not go – God is going to save him.  Eventually, after a torturous night of pounding rain the exhausted man lets go of the roof, floats away in the water and drowns.  He enters Heaven where he asks God why he didn’t save him.  God responds that he tried to save him – he sent him a man in a row boat and the rescue copter but the man refused the help.

That man on the roof had a lot of “Good” coming his way be he chose not to receive it because it didn’t arrive the way he expected.

What “good things” have you almost missed because they came to you in unexpected “wrapping paper”?