Easy Way To Put Screen Shots Into WordPress Posts

Often I’ll be writing blog posts (usually on ThriftingForProfit.com) and I’ll want to quickly insert a screen shot into the post.  Up until recently, I couldn’t find an easy way.  I tried just “pasting” the image into the post – it would show up there, but wouldn’t actually show up when the post was published.  Then I realized my screen shot software had the option to “upload” a photo to Picassa.

First you’ll need to have two things:

The FireShot plug-in allows you to easily take screen shots and edit them if you want to.  Then, you can easily upload them to your Picassa Web account. I use the free version of this plug-in and it has been GREAT!

Here’s how I use it:

I right-click on the page I want to take a screen shot of and I click on FireShot, Capture Selected Area, Upload.


Once I select the area I want to capture, it opens the upload window where I can choose where to upload the image to.  (note: there might be a way to set this up to upload directly to wordpress but I have NO idea how to do that).  So I select it to upload to my Picasa account.


Then it pops up a screen with a link to the image.

It is that link that I copy and paste into the “Add Media”, “Insert from URL” area in WordPress to insert it into a post.

Voila!  Screen shot inserted into my WordPress blog post in a very short amount of time.

This method works well for me for now.  If you know of something better, please do let me know 🙂