Create the Business YOU Want

As 2011 is drawing to a close, I’ve been taking time to reflect on how things went in my business and personal life.  I’ve been pondering what I want my business and life to be like in 2012.  What have I learned?  What went well? What do I need to change?  After much reflecting and pondering I realized that just because I have various projects and websites that I’ve had for years does not mean that those projects or websites suit my current needs, values or direction.  I am the one in charge and I get to choose just HOW I spend my energy.

One of my major “Ah-Ha!” moments came when I looked at all of my online endeavors and realized that I am spreading myself thin with far too many projects – many of which don’t really excite me anymore!  I was sitting down and writing out 2012 goals for each of my websites and making lists of all of the tasks I  wanted to get done.  And WHOA!  Holy NUTS! Boy-oh-boy!  I have enough work for several people to do.  This includes work on this site, my Public Domain site, my FBA Collectible Toys site, several sites filled with Public Domain content, a few niche sites and a partridge in a pear tree. Originally I thought – I can handle this, I’ll just do a little on each site – I’ll make a schedule and I’ll stick to it.  “I’ve done this before – I can do it again” I said to myself.  Then I started looking at all the crap I’d have to do – and – yuck! If there were 48 hours in each day AND I could type without my hands hurting then this would be feasible.  But then, I could outsource some of the work – right?  True, I “could” do that – but then I have to create detailed instructions about what I want done, I have to make sure they understand what they’re doing, I have to double-check their work until everything is running smoothly…etc. If I’m handing something over to an outsourcer, I don’t want to worry about anything.  Truth be told – I DO NOT want to sit here put that all together.  Sure, I could outsource little pieces of the whole puzzle and then I have to put the puzzle together myself – that’s all well and good – but I don’t want to be doing that – at least not with projects/websites that just don’t excite me anymore.  Never-mind the fact that having the time to only do a tiny bit of work on each site is going to get me nowhere fast!

Seriously….how in the world do I expect to grow an audience for a website when I post very intermittently and by the time I finally send out an e-mail to the list for the site, the folks have already forgotten they even signed up to receive e-mails from me/the site? Silly, silly.

So, after figuring out what I DON’T want, I focused on what I DO want…

  • Continue sourcing and selling items for FBA (I am REALLY enjoying this!)
  • Keep websites/projects that excite me – stuff I REALLY enjoy – stuff I’d do for free.
  • Create a realistic schedule of what I’m doing with the sites I’m keeping.
  • Focus on adding value while creating hands-off passive income.
  • Leverage, leverage, leverage each post/idea/item I create.
  • Schedule in some fun “me time” EVERY Day!  – All work and no play make’s Beth a grumpy gal! – out of everything, this is going to be the most challenging one to stick to!

One (of many) people who has helped to influence this positive “shift” in my business is Katie Freiling.  I randomly found her on YouTube and signed up for her free video series “Power to Profit” – I HIGHLY recommend watching the videos – especially if you’d like to figure out your passions and make them part of your business.  I’m also becoming a fan of Cheryl Richardson – she is really big on taking care of yourself first – if you’re feeling depleted then you’re not going to be good to anyone around you, and your business will suffer too!

So I’m on my way to creating the business that I want.  How about you?

What kind of business do you want to create and what are you going to do to get there?

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.”

– Keri Russel