Using Time Effectively – Thank You Twitter!

I must admit that I have been having a TERRIBLE time getting things done.  Or really, what i should say is that i am having trouble finishing individual projects.  I have not problem bouncing around and doing tiny bits of things on different various projects – it’s the ability to focus on one thing at a time that is eluding me right now.

So, while I “should” be focusing on getting something productive accomplished……..I wandered over to Twitter at 4:30am this morning.  Because how best could I spend my time than to gaze a random 200 letter (or so) – mostly spam-like postings from people I don’t know…lol.

Someone posted a link to an article about the “4 hour work day” ( – not to be confused with the “4 hour work week” ala Tim Ferris……..I guess the post could have been titled the “20 hour work day”…..but it wasn’t..

So anyway…….I found the article to be filled with great nuggets of helpfulness :)

The author of the article, Scott Young, talks about not looking at work as something that needs to be done in a set amount of hours.  He says we should keep 2 lists – one of daily goals/tasks and one with weekly goals.  And also mentions that if we find that we get our daily tasks completed sooner than later……then DON’T do more for that day.  He equates it to running a major marathon – and running as hard as fast as you can – then getting to the finish line and you find that it has been moved another mile up the road. YIKES!

I’m going to put some of the strategies Scott suggests to the test tomorrow.  Check out his article here:

Come back here after you’ve read it so we can chat about it :)